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The facility is proposed to produce generic cephalosporin in different dosage forms which are to be produced for the first time in East Africa that is in Ethiopia.it also manufactures Antiseptics and Disinfects.
BrandCephalosporin InjectablePack/Dosage Form
Kezoline 500Cafazolline 500 mg injectionvial
Ketaxime 500Cefotaxine sodium 500 mg injection vial
Ketaxime 1gmCefotaxime sodium 1gm injectionvial
Kefdime 1gmCeftazidime 1gm injectionvial
Kexone500 mgCeftriaxone 500 mg injection vial
Kexone250mgCeftraxone250mg injectionvial
Kefuxime750mg CefuroximeAxetile750mg injectionsvial
Kepime1gm Cefepime1gm in injectionsvial
KexoneSB Ceftriaxone 1gm Inj + 500mg Salbactum Injectionvial
BrandCephalosporin Oral TabletsPack /Dosage Form
Kefxine 200Cefixime 200mg tablettablets
Kefxime 400 Cefixime 400mg tablettablets
Keditro 200 Cefditroen 200mg tablettablets
Keditro 400Cefditroen 400mg tablettablets
Kedoxime 100Cefpodoxime 100mg tablettablets
BrandCephalosporin Dry Powder SuspensionPack /Dosage Form
Kelexin 125Cephelexin125mg/5ml suspensionBottle
Kelexin 250Cephelexin250mg/5ml suspension Bottle
Keclor 125Cefaclor125mg/5ml suspensionBottle
Keclor 250Cefaclor250mg/5ml suspensionBottle
Kedroxil 125 Cefadorxil125mg/5ml suspension Bottle
Kedroxil 250Cefadorxil250mg/5ml suspensionBottle
Keprozil 125Cefprozil125mg/5ml suspensionBottle
Keprozil 250Cefprozil250mg/5ml suspension Bottle
BrandCephalosporin Oral CapsulesPack /Dosage Form
Kelexin 250mgCephalexin250mg capsuleCapsule
Kelexin 500mgCephalexin250mg capsuleCapsule
Kefradine 250Cefradine250mg capsuleCapsule
Kefradine 500Cefradine500mg capsule Capsule
Keclor 500Cefaclor500mgcapsuleCapsule
KILGERMEthanol AntisepticBottle
KEAIDFirst aid alcohol 70%Bottle
KESEPTIsopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic 3%Bottle
KEHYPHydrogen Peroxide SolutionsBottle
KENOLAcid Alcohol 3% SolutionsBottle
KELOTIN Iodine Tincture SolutionsBottle
KEPOLO Povidone Iodine Solution Bottle
KEFORMFormal dehyde solution (Formlin)Bottle
KECLDEX Glutaral dehyde solution Bottle
KERUS-E chlorhexidine Gluconate + Ethanol lotionBottle
KEVLONchlorhexidime Gluconate + centrimide solutionBottle
KEGEST-V Genetian violetBottle
KEGIM Giemsa stain 0.76% solutionBottle


The project is proposed to produce generic cephalosporin in different dosage forms; Tables, Capsules, Injectable and Dry powder for suspension Syrups which are to be produced for the 1st time in Ethiopia which are otherwise 100% imported.

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Ethiopia, Lega Bari Lega Bollo Kebele, Barak Wereda, 2km after Lega Bari town, On the left side of the main road from Addis Ababa to Dessie - Mekale Road.
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